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Facial Redness

Sun damage, heredity, and rosacea can cause persistent facial redness (telangectasia). Whatever the cause, cosmetic treatments for facial redness may be warranted. Dr. Berlin uses the Vbeam ™ (long pulsed dye) laser to reduce facial redness. Most patients see results after two to four treatments about three to four weeks apart. This laser procedure is generally well tolerated with minimal downtime and mild discomfort. Most patients return to work the same or following day. Is laser treatment for facial redness the right choice for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Berlin by calling the Berlin Center for Medical Aesthetics at (561) 739-5252. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method known for its fast treatment time and long-lasting results. Vaniqa ™ cream is a prescription medication used to prevent unwanted facial hair growth in women. Learn more by calling (561) 739-5252 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berlin.